Day 14: Becoming a Soulpreneur | Be Grateful Everyday

If there's one thing I would take from all I have learned that has gotten me to where I am today it's to be grateful.  Be grateful for even the tiniest of things.  One of my very favorite authors and speaker, Wayne Dyer (God rest his soul) taught me something about being grateful.  Being grateful is EVERYTHING! Each morning when he would get up, his routine was to step one foot at a time and say "Thank (one foot down) You (next foot down)".  This made absolute sense to me, why not be grateful for waking up in the morning?  When you get somewhere safely, say thank you. When you land that new job, be thankful!  When you think of all the obstacles that have gotten you where you are today, be thankful.


Write a list of positive and negative things you have encountered that have made an impact on your life.  THink of how you can be grateful for each and every one of them.  Without them you wouldn't be where you are today.

Day 13: Becoming a Soulpreneur | What do you want the very most?

How I love this question, "What do you want the very most?".  In the Desire Map Book this was one of the questions that really opened me up to where I am right now. 

Now I don't want you to make this a material thing, but what do you REALLY want.  This is an answer not to be taken lightly.  For me, I want to make a difference in the lives of every heartfelt entrepreneur. Now your turn....

Becoming a Soulpreneur | Connecting with Your Purpose

It's normal to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from what your true purpose is.  When you're trying to make a living and also trying to bring your true purpose through it can often feel like a chore, like you're trying to create something that just isn't in sync with how you truly feel.  For years I jumped back and forth with my work, designing websites I didn't feel connected to, taking design jobs that didn't give me a rush and creating content that just didn't mesh with what I wanted to put out there.  And yet, there are times we have to bite the bullet and do things we don't want to so we can make a living.  But it doesn't mean we can't do it with purpose.

So how do you connect with your purpose, even if you're in a job you don't necessarily love? The same way a business creates a mission statement, you personally declare your purpose.  Once you've declared your personal purpose statement, start writing, write anything.  Put your purpose into all that you know.  When you're at work, use this to your advantage.  You'll be surprised at how you can develop your purpose into everything you do. 

Do this quick little exercise. Write down what you feel is your personal purpose statement.  How can you embody it in your everyday work life? Become a leader.  

Day 8: Becoming a Soulpreneur | On Meditation & Mindfullness

Have you noticed what a big part meditation has become in many people's lives?  It's not all woo woo!  We've got big corporations like Google and P&G who have taken the step to offer mindfulness workshops and encourage the state of just being.  Countless studies have proven how meditation changes the brain, the way you physically feel, and increasingly changes the state of your whole being. 

Want to come up with a new idea for your business or write that amazing blog post?  Meditation will open the floodgate of ideas.  If you're in constant "think" mode, your brain doesn't get time to take a break and refresh.  When you meditate it's like restarting a machine that's been working too hard.   

Take 10 minutes today and follow these 5 steps

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breaths
  2. Think nothing, breathing is all you need to listen to
  3. Become aware of each part of your body
  4. Notice where you hold tension and release 
  5. Take a walk outside and just notice every bit of nature

Need help reminding yourself to take a break? There's an app for that!  Seriously... Check out headspace or just look up meditation apps.  You'll know which one's right for you.

Day 7: Becoming a Soulpreneur | The 5 Characteristics of One

When I realized I was a true soulpreneur, it wasn't something I looked up on the internet.  It was something that came to me on my way to work into the city one day.  As I was dreading the heat I was about to encounter in Penn Station I asked myself if this was what I really wanted to be doing.  I meditated on it and waited for the answer.  And the answer I got was NO, I wasn't following MY soul purpose yet I was a solopreneur coming up with ideas, being creative, strategizing but I wasn't doing it with the right people.  From that point on I set out to be a true soulpreneur, and my definition of that... "An individual set out to follow their vision of their soul purpose & make a difference in others lives".  

Here are the 5 characteristics that I believe make me a Soulpreneur

  1. I am a business following my heart's mission
  2. What I do carries on in my everyday life
  3. This is what I have always fallen back on no matter what new venture I partake in
  4. I often help from the heart and give away advice
  5. I don't have to try very hard to make this work, it comes naturally


Day 6: Becoming a Soulpreneur: On Being Present

Are you present in every way possible?  Or does your day seem to just fly by in a flash? I recently wrote a post on Being Present, FOCUS. ORGANIZE. SET GOALS you can check it out here.

But what I want to get out in this post is how to really set a goal and actually reach it. I can't stress enough how important being present in your everyday life and work life is. I've had plenty of talks with friends and clients who find it nearly impossible to reach that big finale. Heck, even I had a hard time getting to my BIG goal.  A few years ago (maybe a bit longer) I set a goal to run my own business by the time I was 30. I didn't quite make that goal, and for the life of me I couldn't understand why. I set my daily intentions, wrote and repeated affirmations, yet I was unable to celebrate by dream.  I was hustling and bustling with tons of freelance yet I was still struggling to make ends meet.  Then, it hit me!  I was waiting for the friggin universe to just hand it on over to me.  Big mistake, what I realized was I needed to set small achievable goals that would eventually lead to my current state of owning a business.  Yes, the universe is there for us but without direction it can't actually help! Be present, set intentions, take moments throughout your day to make sure everything you're doing is leading to that goal.  If you're not present, you're not following your goals. 

Day 4: Becoming a Soulpreneur: Do what you Love

So what really sparks you?  Some may argue we don't have an actual "calling", but I beg to differ. Here's what I know, I've always been drawn to help people.  You've got an idea, well I can help you bring it to life.  I guess you can call me an ideas strategist.  Heck I even consider myself a brainstorm coach!  I love it, I love hearing what a person really loves, than taking that idea and turning it into a business.  Here's what I think, why bother doing something you don't love? Take that idea, that true calling you've always been drawn to, and do something with it!  The purpose to living life is to enjoy it.  We only have one, why are you going to waste it on doing something that doesn't bring you joy or happiness?

Write down the things that people always seem to ask you for, those things you're just really super awesome at.  How can you expand this into your everyday business or job?  You don't have to own your own business but you can still lead in what you know best.

Day 3: Becoming a Soulpreneur

It's Saturday!  Are you waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? If not, you need routine!  The weekends normally consist of no work and all play in our home, but when I first started my biz everyday was just like yesterday.  Come up with a slight change in your routine that you can follow starting Monday. 

Short Exercise:

Create a timeline beginning at 7AM all the way to 5PM, In each of these blocks list down your usual daily routine.  This includes breakfast, work-time, rest-time, picking up kids, walking the dog etc.  After making this timeline create a new one with how you WANT the day to pan out.  Even if it seems ridiculously impossible, just do it!  You will be surprised at how it's quite achievable.

Don't make this a complete 360 change, but each day little by little add in the things you want to do and remove the things which aren't necessary.  

How do you WANT to feel each day you wake up and how do you want to feel each day you go to bed?


Day 2: Becoming a Soulpreneur

31 Days (4).jpg

How do you want to feel?  A burning question prompted by Danielle Laporte in her book "The Desire Map".  Many of us have made a declaration to be more connected and more true to ourselves in our mission of entrepreneurship.  That is why I consider myself a true soulpreneur. The things I do aren't just because I want to make money, we all NEED to make money to survive, but what many of us don't follow is what we need to do to feel good while "surviving".  I want to help other entrepreneurs succeed, I get great satisfaction out of this.  Why?  because I know I've made a positive impact on that person's life. The next 30 days I'm going to give you a little taste of what one of my Desire Map workshops consist of. 

Here are a few things I'd like for you to sit on this weekend.  

When you get ready to start your day, are you clear on how you want to feel in each aspect of your business? If something makes you feel dread, it's not going to serve you in any way.  Each part of your business leads to that final moment of relieving "ahhhhhs"  and awesome "ahas!". If each task doesn't lead to something positive for the next, then what's the point?  

  1. Set your intentions for how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning.
  2. When you begin a new task, set your intentions there as well.  Mine is always "Accomplished". 

I promise you, doing this will be a game changer for your business and life.