Becoming a Soulpreneur | Connecting with Your Purpose

It's normal to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from what your true purpose is.  When you're trying to make a living and also trying to bring your true purpose through it can often feel like a chore, like you're trying to create something that just isn't in sync with how you truly feel.  For years I jumped back and forth with my work, designing websites I didn't feel connected to, taking design jobs that didn't give me a rush and creating content that just didn't mesh with what I wanted to put out there.  And yet, there are times we have to bite the bullet and do things we don't want to so we can make a living.  But it doesn't mean we can't do it with purpose.

So how do you connect with your purpose, even if you're in a job you don't necessarily love? The same way a business creates a mission statement, you personally declare your purpose.  Once you've declared your personal purpose statement, start writing, write anything.  Put your purpose into all that you know.  When you're at work, use this to your advantage.  You'll be surprised at how you can develop your purpose into everything you do. 

Do this quick little exercise. Write down what you feel is your personal purpose statement.  How can you embody it in your everyday work life? Become a leader.