Day 2: Becoming a Soulpreneur

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How do you want to feel?  A burning question prompted by Danielle Laporte in her book "The Desire Map".  Many of us have made a declaration to be more connected and more true to ourselves in our mission of entrepreneurship.  That is why I consider myself a true soulpreneur. The things I do aren't just because I want to make money, we all NEED to make money to survive, but what many of us don't follow is what we need to do to feel good while "surviving".  I want to help other entrepreneurs succeed, I get great satisfaction out of this.  Why?  because I know I've made a positive impact on that person's life. The next 30 days I'm going to give you a little taste of what one of my Desire Map workshops consist of. 

Here are a few things I'd like for you to sit on this weekend.  

When you get ready to start your day, are you clear on how you want to feel in each aspect of your business? If something makes you feel dread, it's not going to serve you in any way.  Each part of your business leads to that final moment of relieving "ahhhhhs"  and awesome "ahas!". If each task doesn't lead to something positive for the next, then what's the point?  

  1. Set your intentions for how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning.
  2. When you begin a new task, set your intentions there as well.  Mine is always "Accomplished". 

I promise you, doing this will be a game changer for your business and life.