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How I built my Brand, while raising my family.

My goal is to help businesses design a digital strategy that will help them grow their brand and improve their outreach by means of digital marketing.

My journey began as a true entrepreneur 5 years ago when I was 6 months pregnant and laid off from my job. Never would I have imagined I would be here running my own business and helping others do the same. With 2 kids under my belt, one on the way and a husband supporting us 100% (living in one of the most expensive city's, NYC) I was freaking out. I knew I couldn't apply for a job at this time and I certainly wasn't going to start working 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter. So my only option was to figure out a way to supplement the income I was missing in some way. I did various freelance jobs which helped, but those weren't going to pay the bills. With that lingering over my head, I decided to teach myself social media from some of the best strategists out there. But I still wasn't making or doing exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to just freelance I wanted to be in control. That's where my journey begins, I started consulting with a focus in digital marketing and began coaching other entrepreneurs on how to kick-start their business online and use the same tactics I did to grow my own business. I now continue to strategize with larger businesses as well as coach entrepreneurs to learn and understand how they can truly be in a place that makes them feel comfortable managing their own digital strategy.


In a nutshell, LSC Studio combines Creativity + Business + Soul Fueled advice to help you design and expand your brand.  I specialize in creative & digital strategy, social media, content development & web design.

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T: +(646) 926-4110
E: liz@lizsmithcreative.com

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