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I developed Right Brain Creative Coaching  to help individuals navigate their brands effectively and grow creatively.  As a right brain thinker, I understand some of us work differently than others and sometimes the creativeness can get the better of us. Whether you're creative and act on impulse or you're super analytical and organized, the ultimate goal of the Right Brain Creative is to help you create a brand you love that connects to the people you want to inspire most. It's about aligning your work with your soul purpose.

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VIP Coaching
DIY eCourses

VIP Brand Experience Coaching: Left Brain Creative

Left Brain Traits:  Planner, Rational, Logical, Precise, Realistic 

Investment: $2250

How to book : First, we need to make sure we're a match, so go ahead and shoot me an email and book a free 30 minute consult to see if  VIP coaching is for you or click below and fill out the form.

VIP Brand Experience coaching sessions are for those of you who are feeling "stuck" and unsure where their brand needs to be. You seek clarity, strategy and you want to deliver heart & soul in all you do with your brand. I will help you create connections that are meaningful to you and your brand. This is the place where we work on mapping out your digital life AND your brand so that you can have crystal clear clarity on who you serve. I help you to gain transparency around your business vision, recognize your core desires, and harness those ideas to help you get organized and to grow your brand the way you imagine it to be.

As part of this strategic plan, we will:

  • Brainstorm your skills & bring them into action by crafting your brand story to identify  your core values.
  • Work together to digitize your presence so your brand is recognizable to all.
  • We'll  develop a communication plan that is in true alignment with who you are.
  • We'll work to develop marketing personas & create a mantra that fits your audience.
  • We'll develop a content marketing plan with topics, ideas & a complete plan of action.
  • We'll bring your brand to life by setting up ways to incorporate your core values & mission, and your brands look & feel.

You 12 week session Includes the following:

  • 12 forty-five-minute phone calls
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Weekly worksheet exercises
  • Digital tool training & mentoring
  • Time management skills
  • Facebook Group Access

“Your brand starts from the heart, the process is quite  simple. What are your  beliefs, what motivates you, what is your ultimate goal?” 

Brand Experience Creative Mentoring

Is your creative strategy fully aligned with your "WHY"? Are you in need of some simple business support to help get your started or revamp your strategy? Creative Mentoring was designed to help you put together a strategy that works and is aligned with your core purpose.  

How to book: There are 2 options to the, Brand Experience Creative Mentoring. Review which mentoring option will best suit your needs. These sessions are not coaching sessions like the VIP Left Brain Creative.  These sessions were built to assist you in implementing your strategy on a budget.


DIY Website: Design & Coaching


Investment: $2450 (payment plans available)

How to book: Let's make sure this option is for you, shoot me an email and book a free 30 minute consult. 

DIY Website Coaching is a great alternative to hiring a full-time web designer. When you have a budget and you want to have full control of your own website this option will help you get the best of both worlds. Your site will be designed with your brand in mind, I'll create and set you up with a semi-custom template that you can easily add all your content and make updates.

What you get:

  • Complete overview of your brand and your vision - we'll go over exactly what your intentions are with your business website.
  • Design and set-up your website including all the necessary plugins your site requires. ex. Scheduling Calendar, SEO, newsletter signup etc.  
  • Choice of 3 layout options.
  • Homepage design, sales page, services page & about me page. (All content to be edited and created but YOU)
  • A step by step coaching session on how to customize your site so you can add in all the important lingo and make any update you need in the future.