Are you Linkedin?

If you’re reading this post then I'm pretty sure you already know online marketing and social media has become top priority for your business, and this includes you as an individual. But if this is all new to you, where do you start? The first thing we ask our clients is whether they’re on LinkedIn and if they’re not then you better believe that’s the first place we’re visiting. The connections you’ve established throughout your career are the ones who will help you grow your network. The goal of LinkedIn is quite simple; it’s all about making connections. Whether it is for new business opportunities (B2B), building a relationship with like-minded individuals (credibility building) or seeking out new job opportunities.

Here’s a simple list on getting started:

  1. Connect with past and present co-workers, friends and bosses
  2. Create your business page, be sure to get in all those important keywords too! (We’ll talk about keywords and SEO for linkedin in another post)
  3. Seek out individuals you would like to build a relationship with.
    Send a personal note introducing yourself and don’t be shy, let them know why you want to connect.
  4. Join LinkedIn Groups where you can join in on the chatter. This is a great opportunity to make new connections and share your expertise.

Understanding how to utilize each social media platform is key, and like anything it takes time to gain traction. Just be sure to be consistent, don’t sacrifice one platform for another and test what works and what doesn’t.

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5 Steps to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is THE NUMBER ONE social network for professionals, so why are you treating it like its just an online resume? In this day and age you need to start thinking outside the box.  Follow these 5 simple steps and you'll be one step closer to landing that job, earning more clients and closing that deal.

1. Your Profile Picture and Background: Make sure you've got a kick a$$ profile picture and banner. Do you know how often I reject a connection because there's no picture? People want to feel connected and depending on your industry they're also drawn to interesting and quirky photos. So if you're a graphic designer, get creative with your background.  In realestate? Get a photo with the nicest home or apt you've sold.  Recruiter? get good pic of yourself interviewing someone or speaking at an event.

2. Your professional headline: Keep it interesting, this is where your story begins. Here's an example, Real Estate Agent (boring) | Upper West Side Luxury Real Estate Agent, cha-ching!  This gives people an idea you're working with pretty high end placement here.  It's important to niche yourself.  You may think this is limiting your capabilities, but would you rather work with a client in a $6000/month budget or a $2000/month budget? Get the picture?

3. Summary: Your summary is where you're going to draw in your connections.  Stand out from the rest, make it interesting.  Be sure to use keywords specific to your industry and make it short and sweet. Lets be honest, peoples attention span are limited these days.

4. Experiences: This is where all the juicy stuff goes, don't just list your responsibilities, tell your story. Educate your reader, treat it like a mini interview & give examples of your success.

5. LinkedIn Blogging Platform: If you're not familiar, Linkedin rolled out their blogging platform to all members a few months ago.  It's free, it's searchable and it shows you're a leader in your industry. 

 These are just a few pointers to help you get started with your professional profile and creating a personal brand, if you haven't read the post on working in keywords to boost your profile make sure you check it out here.  Need help optimizing your profile? Shoot me an email, I'll hook you up with a great connection.

LinkedIn and SEO: Building Your Personal Campaign

Utilizing the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing yourself, and just like having your own website, optimizing is key. If you’re using LinkedIn as part of your SEO strategy it needs to be visible in organic searches within LinkedIn as well as outside of it. Have you ever noticed on your page how LinkedIn suggests connections to you? This is all based on what has been found right on your profile using those valuable keywords you’ve listed in your bio. When a person visits your page profile those visits are recorded and made available to search engines, therefore being “popular” adds to SEO.

Sharing valuable content is another strategy we often use, if you have a blog be sure to tie that into your status updates or group discussions.

Link to your content and engage your audience. If you have a business page, be sure to post there as well and monitor those who are commenting and sharing. Just to show you how valuable LinkedIn really is, go ahead and search for your name or company 99% of the time your LinkedIn page will be one of the first in that search.

How to work in keywords:

  • Include relevant keywords in your headline and job descriptions
  • Work keywords into your summary sectionAdd keywords to your skills & expertise section
  • Ask for recommendations & endorsements and give them too
  • Customize your profile URL
  • Join groups related to your industry and background and join the discussion

Using LinkedIn as part of your SEO strategy is highly effective when used correctly. The key is to build relationships and extend beyond the LinkedIn network.