7 Digital Tools To Keep Your Organized

I've spent a lot of time finding the best apps to keep my business organized.  There was a lot of exploring and testing, but I finally figured out the best systems for my business.  Below is a list that I think all businesses should atleast try if you're not happy with where your digital organization is going.

Google Drive:  Google has done an amazing job of offering this free service to their users.  I share docs with all my clients here, I can even tell when someone has received the doc, opened it, and we can leave comments for each other.  It takes the hassel out of waiting to hear if someone received your emails with those precious edits that need working on today.

Here's a list of what you can do on Google Drive:

  • Organize Folders
  • Utilize googles document, presentation and spreadsheet system (it's just as good as microsoft office)
  • Create forms
  • Connect other apps - There are a load of apps you can connect to your Drive, take the time to go through them and see what, if any, would benefit your business.

Your team and clients will love you for this.  In order to keep business (and life) moving, you have to keep organized.

 SkypeAs a business owner I know how important it is to be available to my clients during the day.  Skype makes it easy for them to send me a quick message or get on a conference call.

Google+ Hangout on AirHangout on Air is broadcast, recorded and uploaded to YouTube. This is a great way to connect with an audience that you're looking to educate and connect with.  Here's a great post on how to host your first Google Hangout on Air

EvernoteGood old Evernote has been my buddy since 2008.  There are a ton of things you can do with this simple little app. From simple note taking and scanning to web clipping and digital assisting.  Check out this article on some of the apps you can connect and do a little research on google.  You'll be amazed with all you can find for this app. Oh and it works on your phone and computer.

IFTTTIFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: IF THIS THEN THAT.  Basically, you creat your own trigger and action with your favorite apps.  Its hard to explain, you'll have to see it to understand it so check out their website or check it out on your phone.

Passpack: Tired of trying to remember where you put that new password? Passpack will store up to 100 passwords for free plus you can add 1 user to the account.  If you have have more people to share with and more passwords to remember, you can choose a plan starting at $1.50!

JustCloud: I recently signed up with JustCloud and boy am I happy I did.  I was able to back up and entire macbook pro, including all my photos.  I highly suggest utilizing some sort of back up for your computer.

I hope you find this list useful for your fresh start.  The only way to move forward effectively is to start organizing your business and life.